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Parure Children with Margaret

Parure in silver 925 for children that has the margherita as the main element. The petals are enameled with white, while the pistil has the...
Price €55.00

Jewellery for Kids with...

Parure in silver 925 for children, the main element is the unicorn, white middle, the foliage is colorful pink, blue, yellow and red. Concludes...
Price €55.00

Parure with Rainbow Flower

Parure in silver 925 for children with central element made up of 6 hearts, each of which has 6 of the 7 colours that make up the rainbow.
Price €55.00

Parure with Rainbow and Clouds

Parure in silver for child, 925 sterling silver with the rainbow of four colors and with two puffy white clouds.
Price €55.00