Are you planning an engagement? Congratulations! We are glad that you are at the stage where you already know who you want to spend the rest of your life.
We will help you during the whole process of buying the ring, because we know how important this event and the problems which must face the future boyfriend. We invite you to read, and at the end of the articles, your questions and your questions will definitely. Usually, the gentlemen decide to surprise their choice and to organise the engagement in secret. However, your plan may be frustrated by a small but very important detail, you do not know the ring size of your beloved.
A ring correctly selected is the one which impresses with its appearance, but is also perfectly suited to the finger of a woman. The ring should fit snugly to the finger, must not slip away, but it must also be large enough to allow it to freely rotate around the finger. Therefore, the task of choosing an engagement ring is not the easiest.
When you purchase a ring from Sakrami, you have a task more simple: in almost all the models of the rings of our offer, we can change the size if necessary.

Measure her ring
If your girl wears a ring on right ring finger, take it into the loan with full discretion, and go to the jeweler who will measure the ring and to insert its internal diameter. Alternatively, check you the same diameter, it is important that you be as meticulous as possible during the measurement, because every millimeter counts. This is the easiest solution, but unfortunately not all of the women wear a ring before an engagement.
If the person you love doesn't separate from the ring and his sudden disappearance will cause confusion, you have to be more intelligent. In such a situation, use the time to put aside the ring for a bit, i.e. a Shower or cleaning. Misuralo with a gauge or give a ring on a piece of soap, clay or modelling clay. Then take it to a jeweler that will help you determine the size.

Use a tape

If your girlfriend does not wear a ring, you can try to wrap gently his finger with a tape or a wire. The method of this measurement is not perfect, because the material may stretch and distort the result. Don't focus only on the root of the finger of the hand. In order not to attract suspicion, and keep secret your intentions, do it while you sleep or to frame the situation in a funny story, which will not provoke the suspicions of your loved one.

Ask for help to her friends
Don't be afraid to present your plan to the best friend of your beloved, his mother or his sister, women often know the ring size, or help you organise a situation in which control the size it will be easier, for example, a friend may go to a jeweler with your girlfriend, and measure a few rings. Alternatively, one of your friends might make you measure your ring, which, even if it does not fit perfectly, it will give you an approximate overview of the extent to which you'll need.
But if you're not good in the plot, and you have doubts, maybe the best solution is to bring your chosen from a jeweler and ask them to measure your finger. Even if the engagement is a surprise, you can be sure that your fiancee wears a ring that perfectly matched, and every woman will appreciate the fact that you have tried to do your best.

* Keep in mind that each finger could have a different dimension, people are imperfect, and our fingers are not really the same size. It often happens that the size of the individual fingers differ also of different sizes. Therefore, do not let yourself be influenced by the size of the ring if your girlfriend is wearing it on a finger different from the ring finger of the right hand.
* We do not recommend using a gauge because the finger is easy to squeeze, so it is possible that the result is too small.
* If the diameter of the ring is not clear, and falls between sizes, for example 13 and 14, choose a smaller size because it is easier to enlarge a little the ring a second time.
* We recommend you measure your finger several times, because the size of the ring can change depending on the time of day and temperature.

We hope that our suggestions will be useful and that you already know how to choose the size of the ring, and your engagement will be a big surprise. We wish you this. Remember that you can write to us at we will be happy to help you or clarify any doubts.