Ring In Gold with Sapphire 0.60 ct and 30 Diamonds 0.22 ct

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    Measure: 13
    Color: White gold
    Type Gold: 14 Kt

    Ring In 14kt Gold with Sapphire 0.60 ct and 30 Diamonds for a carat total of 0.22 ct.

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    Title: Gold 14 kt (585 K or 18 kt (750 K

    Stone: Sapphire

    Color ring: Yellow gold or white gold

    Carat weight sapphire: 0.60 ct

    Carat diamonds additional: 0.22 ct

    Class diamond: H/Si2

    Total weight: 3,30 - 4,00 gr (14 kt) 3,65 - 4,40 gr (18 kt)

    Incidibile: Yes

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