In this section you will be able to review frequently asked questions regarding:

the registration process, how to order, shipping, payment and returns.

How do I create an account?

Press here

Fill out the Form with the required data and finally REGISTER

Always check your inbox for a successful registration email.

I already have an account, where can I log in from?

Press here

Fill in the data. E-mail and Password and finally press "Sign In or Register"

Is it possible to place an order without being registered?

Yes, you can place an order as a guest customer without registering.

I forgot my password, what can I do?

In the login area you will find "Forgot your password?", just enter your e-mail address to receive a temporary link to reset it.

The direct link is this

If I add a product to my cart do I have to purchase it?

Adding a product to your shopping cart is completely non-binding, even if you are logged in with your personal account.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time is normally around 2/3 working days.

Does the price of the products have VAT included?

Yes. The price shown is already inclusive of VAT.

Is it possible to request a Gift Package?

Yes it is possible, free of charge, when choosing the shipping method.

I need to give a gift, can I send my order directly to the person I want to give the gift to along with a greeting card?

Of course! Just enter in the shipping address the details of the recipient to whom you would like to send it and in the billing address your own details. At the time of purchase (of your choice of shipping method), you can request a greeting card where you can add a dedication.

How can I make a return?

Log in to your personal area

Press on "order history and details"

Search for the desired order and then to the right click on "details"

Select the product to be returned and give a reason for the return

Finally, press on "request return"

What payment methods are accepted?

The payment methods are as follows:


Debit/credit card

Cash on delivery

What happens to my order if I purchase something that is no longer in stock?

It may happen that some items are no longer available, even after an order has already been placed. In this case, the item will be deleted from your order and you will be refunded the amount paid.

Is it possible to cancel my account?

Yes, it is possible. Through our "Contact Us" page request through the form to cancel your account.

Can I view the invoice?

Yes, it will be sent to you via e-mail and can be viewed by logging into your account on HISTORY AND ORDER DETAILS.