The Sakrami Brand is a trademark of Preziosa di Storri and Okulicz S.r.l.

The Brand was born in June 2020 from the desire of one of the owners, Lucasz Okulicz,

to expand their business, taking a new path,

after a long experience as a wholesaler with the company Preziosa S.r.l.

In fact, the Sakrami brand was created thanks to the support of the company Preziosa S.r.l.

who funded this project,

integrating skills, manufacturing skills and knowledge,

able to guarantee superior product quality compared to other competing businesses.

Respect for traditions, love for family and passion for this sector

they are an integral part of this company.

The name of the Brand itself derives from the union of the names of Lucasz's children: Sara, Kristian and Amelia.


This company was born in Arezzo in Tuscany, one of the largest Italian goldsmith districts,

whose experience in the processing of precious metals, in particular gold,

it dates back to the Etruscan people (9th and 1st century BC), known for their incomparable goldsmith skills.

Sakrami has in fact managed to win over numerous customers all over the world by proposing

a wide range of gold and silver jewels made by expert Italian goldsmiths.